A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin’ Sunday!

First and foremost:  Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing momma.  I couldn’t ask for a more supportive, loving, butt whooping mommy!  I love my mommy.  And happy mother’s day to all of the mommies out there!  I hope you’ve had a great day!

Well, 3 more Schedulin Sundays and it’s getting harder and harder to motivate myself!    But here we go.  Sorry, I don’t have any plans for you to download this week.  We are supposed to have field day on Wednesday but it looks like rain so field day will be moved to Thursday…but Thursday looks like rain.   SO…who knows.  So I am not planning anything for any day of the week.  We’re going to have some stuff planned and we will be prepared for anything!

This week our main focus will be on our zoo PBL project.  We’re off to a slow start due to events and teacher absences…but we’re going to hit it hard this week.  Lots of research to do.  We’re going to start working on our exhibit design.  And hopefully by Thursday we can start assembling our display board!  
BTW we chose the cheetah as our animal to research!  WOOHOO!  
This week we will be working on -or words.  We will read them, write them, build them and more!  Fork words, people!  We’re gonna fork those -or words!  
In math, it’s more adding and subtracting.  Today in the car on the drive home from the family compound in Indiana, I scoured the Pinterest for some ideas and found two that we’re going to do this week.
This first activity is something I’ve seen many times on Pinterest, but I love how this is set up.  Totally going to make two of these for small group instruction and then it can be a math center!  
This is from Sweet Sounds Of Kinder on Instagram….sadly the picture doesn’t like to a blog or anything.  But thanks for the FAB idea Sweet Sounds Of Kinder (if you see this, hit me up so I can give you proper credit and throw some glitter your way!)
To go along with this, I whipped up a fun freebie!  Included is a recording sheet and some number cards.  My ‘staches will choose 2 number cards and that is how many balls they will put in the machine!    
Click the pictures to download your freebie.  And don’t worry, there is number 9 and 10 on the second page of the download!  Trust me, it’s there!
And then I found this pin for subtracting on the sidewalk and I thought, OOOOO this would make a great whole group math activity OUTSIDE!
I am going to draw a box with 11 squares and write numbers 0-10.  Students will have a recording sheet and clipboard.  One student will throw two bean bags.  We will write the equation and solve!  This will be great practice for putting the bigger number first!  (I also made a sheet for addition so we can do that one day this week too!!!)
This idea came from Education.com

Click to download your recording sheet!
We will also be working our way through our alphabet countdown! 
Monday-M for mustache!  We’re going to have a mustache-palooza!
Tuesday-L for Luau
Wednesday-K for kites and kings
Thursday-j for jump rope
Friday-i for ice cream sundaes!
And since this week is Field Day I wrote a super fun sight word based emergent reader for us to read during our morning literacy routine!
Just click to download your freebie!  Included is a color teacher version and black and white student copy!
So that’s our week of field day madness and cheetahs!  
I do have something else to share.  Last week we worked on -oo words as in boot, loop, etc.  On Friday, I read the book Everyone Poops (we laughed hysterically!)  and we used fruit loops to build our -oo words!  Here is the recording sheet for the word building activity!

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