Light Box Ten Frames

Happy Monday!  It’s time for another Monday Made It!  Today we’re making Light Box Ten Frames!

Light Box Ten Frames

Today is a simple project for my DIY light box.  Ya see, I bought all of these plastic cups (shot glasses!)  at the Dollar Tree.  I wrote letters on the cups to make a fun letter matching activity.  But writing on plastic cups is hard….and not very pretty.  I like things to look good.  I look good so my stuff should look good…right?!  Seems fair to me.
Anyways, my friend Jenny suggested printing on clear mailing labels.  BAM!  She’s brilliant.

Light Box Ten Frames Labels

So I ordered 2,000 clear return address labels from Amazon.  These are Avery 5260 address labels.  Make sure to get the CLEAR labels!
light box ten frames
You can click the links  below to get your free set of labels.  Just download and use the Avery template for Label 5167.

For directions on making your own DIY Light Box, check out this post!
light box ten frames
Light Box Letter Activity:

For more math resources, check out these creations:

light box ten frames

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