It’s time again for some Schedulin Sunday goodness from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard!  This week we will be knee deep in the muddy fields of the farm!  It’s FARM WEEK!!!
As always, grab a copy of my lesson plans by clicking on the picture!  The template is not my creation but it is available at A Teacher’s Plan.  
This week we also wrap up our ABC BOOTCAMP! 
We celebrate the end of bootcamp with an ABC Fashion show on Wednesday!  Each child received a paper bag vest with a letter attached.  They must decorate their vest with pictures for their letter.  Wednesday we will walk to runway sporting our abc fashions!  We’re also dressing in camouflage and each child receives dog tags for completing bootcamp!
Our stories for this week are:
After we read each story, we will be completing anchor charts.  We are doing tree maps for farmers (can, have, are), have you been to a farm?,  and a KWL for farms.
We will be reviewing all letters and sounds this week.  Based on our data, I will go back and focus on letters that the majority of us need hep with.  I will be pulling in some beginning sound picture sorts to reinforce the letters and sounds.
We are also working on syllables and rhyming words!
In writing, we are continuing our focus on telling a story.  We are working on good illustrations and great sentences!
We will be using describing words to write a poem about Mud!
This idea is inspired by the Welcome To Room 306 blog!
We will make this super adorbs Mis Wishy Washy craft!  I love this because we get to paint and that means we get messy!  Messy=successful!!!!!!!!!
This comes from Making Learning Fun.
We will also be making these super easy and super cute…I mean for serious, how cute are these guys….animal windsocks!
These are from Buggy and Buddy!  
We will also use our Draw, Write Now Books to practice our listening and following directions skills!
I love these books becuase they are great for listening and following direction.  They are easy enough for our ‘staches to be successful.  They have a non-fiction handwriting component.  People, they really are fabulous!  Click on the first picture to get your set!

Now, with ABC BOOTCAMP ending, I might go into hat withdrawls.  I know…I know…we can’t make a hat every day of the year….but I really like the hats.  And so do my ‘staches.  So… maybe…just maybe…we will make some animal hats!
In math, we’re doing more numbers and counting to 20.  We will spend a lot of time in small groups so that I can differentiate my instruction and target my ‘staches who are still not quite there with counting!
We will do stack and count….we will count pennies on piggies…we will make ten frames…we will match sets to numbers…we will subitize…we will count the mud on pigs and write the number…and lots of practice in centers!
Here is a fun math freebie for ya!
Here is a stack and count freebie:
If you are like me and in need of some activities for whole group and small group counitng, I whipped this new mini creation up this morning!  It has tons of activities for counting to 20 all designed for whole group and small group!  And it includes a fun science experiment!
We will also do a fun food sort!  We will discuss where our food comes from and sort pictures of the food to the correct animal!
Click to get your freebie!
For Mad Science Friday we will make our own butter and see which foods disolve in water!
For Foodie Fun Friday we will be making Butterscotch Haystacks!
You can also make them with chocolate or peanut butter…YUMO!
And that folks, is our week!!!
The resources for this week are available in the following creations:

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  • Reply Lee Ann Rasey September 14, 2014 at 10:42 pm

    What a busy week you will have!! How do you have the time to get to it all? I love your outfits and I always laugh out loud at your “quote of the day” on Facebook! I have a question… on your food sort, what is the last picture? Not quite sure. 🙂

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