Science Friday: Galaxy Slime!

People, you know how much I love hands-on, engaging, science experiments with my ‘staches.  Ya’ll also know how much I love making messes and you know I love glitter….so this Mad Science Experiment is beyond epic for my ‘staches!
You will need:
Stay-Flo Liquid Starch (laundry detergent aisle at Wal-Mart)
Glue (clear glue works better but I couldn’t find any)
watercolors  (We actually have glitter watercolors so we used those!  Yeah, big surprise we have glitter watercolors, right?!)
fine glitter
Step 1:  pour 1 entire bottle of glue into a bowl!
Step 2:  add some drops of watercolor (and glitter)


Step 3:  mix completely.  Add watercolor until you reach the desired color.


Step4: SLOWLY add the starch.  Don’t add all the starch at once.  Continue slowly adding starch until your slime is the consistency you want.



AND yes people, I broke out the Mad Scientist costume!
This class is so much fun that I’m stepping up my game with costumes!
Want recording sheets to go with this experiment that include hypothesis, observation and more! You will also receive 14 other Mad Science experiments to do with your classroom. Click below:


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