A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday!

Happy Sunday!   It’s week 5 of Schedulin Sunday!  I’ve got my Big Red on ice, my printer is humming away.  The glitter is open.  I’m in my pajamas and still haven’t showered.  It must my Schedulin Sunday!

This week we wrap up our fairy tale study and move onto fables.  We also continue working on numbers to 20, counting to 20 and teen numbers.  We will pause on Thursday to remember Septemeber 11th with two simple patriotic projects.
Tuesday we are also leaving the confines of the school for our very first field trip.  We are walking across the street to the state fair!   TRUTH!  Our school sits directly across the street from the fair grounds so we get to visit the fair for free each year.  We do not ride rides but we visit the animals, check out some exhibits, watch pig races and more!  It’s super fun and it means Mr. Greg gets fair food for lunch!  YUMM-O!
As always, you can download my lesson plans for the week by clicking the picture!
T-television hat (ties, tie dye, tiaras and tutus)  
U-upside down umbrella
Yes, people, on Tuesday we are wearing ties, tie dye, tiaras and tutus.  Nuff said.
Here are stories for the week:
We will read Jack and The Beantalk to finish up our fairy tale unit.  We will complete our fairy tale comparison chart and then we will vote for our favorite fairy tale.  
Wednesday we will start reading fables.  We will read The Tortoise And The Hare, The Lion And The Mouse and The Little Red Hen.  We will complete a fable comparison chart featuring characters, setting, and lesson learned.
We will also build a fables anchor chart!
We will also vote for our favorite fable and complete some simple and fun fable art projects!
Here is a freebie with labels for a Fables anchor chart!
In math, we are working on numbers to 20, counting to 20 and teen numbers!  
This week will be more small groups.  More ten frames.  More counting.  And a fun At The Fair Grab and Count game that I’m working on!  (Stay tuned!)
I am working a lot with my ‘staches in small groups so we can build a strong foundation with numbers to 20 before we introduce some other skills!  
We will be using activities from my 1-20 A Number Odyssey creation!
We will also pause on Thursday to remember September 11th.  I do not tell my students what happened because I feel that’s a parent’s place.   But we do honor America that day with two simple but patriotic art projects!
We do live in Music City USA so we have to honor our country with a guitar!

And who doesn’t love a handprint painting!  I love how awesome these handprint flags turn out!

Click the picture to get your free patten for the patriotic guitar!
For Foodie Fun Friday we will make Scarecrow Crunch!
And for Mad Science Friday we are making galaxy slime!  And I get to wear my Mad Science costume for the first time!  SO EXCITING!
For the galaxy slime recipe, check out Two-Daloo!
Here is a free emergent reader that I wrote for this week!  Since we’re going to the fair I thought a fun fair emergent reader was a good idea!
And since we are going to the fair, what better way to include some five senses fun into our week than using our five senses at the fair!  We will make a chart of our five senses and list all of the things from the fair that we touched, heard, smelled, tasted and saw!
Click the picture to download your free five senses chart labels!
This week’s activities come from these creations:

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