Glittery Fairy Tale Science!

Happy Friday!
It’s the first official Mad Science Friday in Kindergarten Smorgasboard Land!  This week we decied to tie in our fairy tales, our love of glitter and making a mess into a science experiment.  We found this idea at Fun A Day!
You will need:
Baking Soda, Jello (we used raspberry and blueberry for pink and blue as in prince and princesses!), water, clear dishwashing soap, vinegar, ice cube trays, and squirt bottles.
To make your frozen prince and princess, mix 3 cups of baking soda with 1 packet of Jello and a cup of water.  It smells sooooo good!

Mix completely.  Then (my favorite part) add all the glitter you want.  Nope…not enough…keep going!  There’s never too much GLITTER!

Next, fill your ice trays with the mixture.  You can get cheap ice trays at the Dollar Tree.  Get the cheap ones because you will want to throw them away!  TRUST ME!
Place in the freezer and freeze overnight!
Fill your bottles with vinegar.  The directions called for some clear dish soap so we used that too but I don’t think it will matter…with or without dish soap!
Do this outside.  TRUST ME. And…um…yeah….make sure you take towels/wipes and trash bags when you go outside.  Again, TRUST ME.  
Empty the cubes onto plates/cups/bowls/the ground.  Give students the bottles and let them squirt!
We actually talked about the ingredients and made predictions.  Then we screamed and squealed and squirted!  

I love this because it’s fairy simple. It’s very enggaging.  And using different colors of Jello means could use it with any theme or topic!
Did I mention it’s messy?  And you know my motto:  messy=successful!  I would call this a huge success!
Listen to the fun!  (And notice my socks….just sayin…)

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