A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday: September 1st, 2014

It’s here people!  Week 4 of Schedulin’ Sunday!  I am super stoked for this week.  It’s a 4 day week…and we have planned some pretty amazing activities for our fairy tale unit!  SUPER EXCITED!  People, it involves painting with pudding.  What more do you need?!?!?!
As always, you can click on the lesson plans to download your copy of my plans!
ABC BOOTCAMP continues this week with the letters:
S-Stop sign
(and a blog post coming tomorrow about bootcamp with details and stuff…and maybe a hat give away!)
Here are the fairy tales we are reading this week: (click to see the books on Amazon)
Each day we will read a fairy tale and re-tell the story using beginning, middle and end.
We will fill out our Fairy Tale comparison chart.  Each story will list the characters, setting, and lesson learned.
We will also work on our What Are Fairy Tale Anchor charts each day.  Included on the chart are what can be a character, setting, features and lessons learned from fairy tales.
Princess Pigtoria is an amazingly fun book to read for P day and pigs.  It tells the story of the Princess and the Pea but adds in some fun elements and a billion (yes, I counted!) P words.  SO MUCH FUN!
When we read The True Story of The Three Pigs we will….wait for it….wait….PAINT WITH PUDDING!  I mean for real, how fun?!  Each ‘stache will get 2 pigs on pink card stock and a pudding cup.  They will get to use their fingers to paint the pigs!  Epic mess.  Epic fun.  Epic memories.  #evaluatethat
We will do a fun math activity with Rapunzel’s hair!  Each ‘stache will make a tower and a picture of Rapunzel’s face.  They will use yellow streamer to make her hair.  Then they will cut a piece of yellow yarn.  They will measure the yarn using cubes.  They will write how many cubes the yarn is before gluing the yarn to the paper.  I know right?!  Measuring Rapunzel’s hair?!?!
We also have two super fun graphing/data activities we will be doing.  We will graph about kissing frogs and whether the wolf or the pigs are telling the truth!
Click either picture to get your FREEBIES!
People, we’re not done yet…
How about a FREE fairy tales emergent reader?
Click the picture to download your freebie!
How about some fairy tale science for Mad Science Friday?!  It’s also our first OFFICIAL Mad Science Friday!
This is from Fun A Day and it’s made for my class.  Glitter?  CHECK!  Messy?  CHECK!
You freeze a mixture of baking soday, Jello-O, glitter and water.  FREEZE IT!
Then you give the ‘staches a squirt bottle of Vinegar and clear un-scented dish soap and let them go at it.  (Before they squirt we will predict what might happen…and talk safety!)
I mean for reals…how freakin’ awesome is this going to be?!
In math, we are working on numbers to 20.  We will be doing a lot of small group work this week!  We will be using activities from my 1-20 A Number Odyssey Creation to make anchor charts and work on numbers to 20!
And for Foodie Fun Friday we’re making applesauce!  YUM!
And that’s our week!  I am super ready for this week!
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This week’s activities are from the following creations:
These are my two newest creations that I created this morning!  TRUTH!  2 creations in 3 hours!
These were both created for a need in our classroom this week.  The first is a fun sight word recognition game (center or sensory bin activity!) and the second is a giant ABC floor puzzle and a set of beginning sounds puzzles.  Our giant floor puzzles were missing pieces so I just made new ones!

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