First Semester Center Ideas for Your Classroom

People, one more day until we get a week off for fall break!!!  WOOHOO!
Of course, that means it’s the end of our first 9 weeks grading period so it’s report card assessment time.  I. DESPISE. THIS.  Usually.  But now that I use ESGI, I can knock my assessments out in a day!!!!!  But while I’m busy assessing (and seeing amazing growth!) my ‘staches are hard at work in centers.  Can I just say I love centers?!  They’re so fun and engaging…differentiated…and the choice means the ‘staches are doing things that interest them and the things are helping them learn!  YEAH!!!  GO CENTERS!   GO CENTERS!   GO CENTERS!!!
So, here is a peek at some of our center time this week!














If you’re interested in any of these centers, check them out below:


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