Scheduling Sunday: Gingerbread Man Edition

Howdy ya’ll!!  I hope everyone has had a restful few days off and enjoyed the blessings of friends and family!  
After eating my own body weight in food, I did manage to get productive.  I finished some creations…we shopped til we dropped….and we decked the halls here at Kindergarten Smorgasboard World Headquarters!
We actually switched our front room and den….now we have our tv and sectional in the front and the couch and chairs in the den with the fireplace.  We’re loving the new set up.
This was necessary because…yeah…we bought a second tree.  FINALLY!!  I want like 4 more.  But at least we’re now a two Christmas tree family.  Actually…3 if you count the pink tree in my office!!!
This is our original tree.  More funky and glittery fun….lots of bright colors.  And glitter.  So much glitter!

This is our new more traditional tree and mantle.  LOVE IT!!!!  Love the red and white and silver…love the mantle piece…love the Santa pillows!! 
So world HQ is ready for the holidays so let’s get the ‘staches in the mood!
It’s 2 weeks of gingerbread madness folks!  Are ya ready?!
As always, yo can click on the picture to get my weekly lesson plans as a free download!  WOOHOO!  FREE!   LESSON PLANS!!!
Week 1 of Gingerbread Mania focuses on the more traditional stories.  Each day, we read a different story and compare and contrast the stories.  We use our story comparison chart to keep track of our ideas and what’s happening with the gingerbread people!
Here are the gingerbread books we’re reading this week:

Monday, we read our first story and after we finish our chart, a mysterious envelope falls out of our book.  The envelope sends us on a hunt for the gingerbread man.  As we hunt QUIETLY for him, another teacher puts gingebread man cookies and pieces for a hat in our classroom.  When we return we find our cookies and enjoy a snack while we make a gingerbread hat!
We wil also be doing lots of fun gingerbread crafts and art projects!

We love this free gingerbread man craft from Mrs. Miner’s Monkey Business!!
We will do a fun writing activity where the ‘staches will write about what they would run away from. 
We will complete a predictable chart  and then we will write our sentences and illustrate our writing.
 We will use the writing paper as a body and add a head, arms and legs to make a ginberbread man from our writing!
We will also make this funny little project about the gingerbread man in the stove!
This is from Preschool Crafts 101.
 In math we will be working on 2D and 3D shapes.  We will sort 2D and 3D shapes.  We will make our 3D shapes anchor chart.  We will build 2D and 3D shapes.  AND we will have a rockin’ SHAPE PARTY!
We use toothpicks and marshmallows to build our shapes.  Then we eat marshmallows!  
For our shape party, I ask the ‘staches to bring in snacks that represent 2D and 3D shapes!  We then sort our foods into 2D and 3D shapes.  THEN WE PARTY!  And chow down!   
This is such a fun, engaging way to end our study of shapes.  And we get to eat.  Who doesn’t love to eat.  MMMMMM food.

This week also marks the arrival of our friendly classroom fox.
I am not a fan of the elf on the shelf because…honestly…he creeps me out.  Big time.  I have this irrational (it is…I admit it…) that it gets up at night and watches me sleep….seriously….he scares me a lot.  But I like the IDEA so we have a fox that visits our room.  Same idea as an elf but no creepy factor.  
He is a great classroom management  tool.  They’re really on their best behavior because no one wants a bad report to the North Pole!
He will arrive tomorrow with a letter.  We will name him and see what craziness he gets into this year!
And now how about some freebies?!
Gingerbread Man Roll And Color FREEBIE!

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Who wants a $25 TPT gift card to use during the sale???  Well I am giving one away!  Be sure to enter!

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Our gingerbread man activities and our centers come from these creations:

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