Thanksgiving In The Classroom

Hello Thanksgiving break!!!  It was so nice to get to sleep in thi….wait….my internal clock woke me up at 6 a.m.  Ummm note to my body:  I AM OFF TODAY!  Let me sleep!     You know what I’m talking about….

I wanted to share with you all of the ways we’ve been learning about and celebrating Thanksgiving in the land of the ‘staches!    It’s been a busy couple of weeks…lots of messes…but we wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

These super funny and silly crazy turkeys are just….well….glitterr-iffic!!!!!!  I mean seriously…how fun!
These were inspired by Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade!

We spend a lot of time learning about the pilgrims and why they came to America.  We learn about their customs and foods and how the Native Americans helped them survive.  Then we draw pilgrims.  I LOVE these drawings.  People….how cute are those pilgrims?!   
We use a series of books called Draw Write Now.  They give step by step directions for drawing each picture.  They are great for speaking and listening skills and a great lesson for following directions.  I love how unique each pilgrim is and how these books allow us to be successful artists!!!!!

We also do handprint Mayflowers because anytime you can paint your hand is a great thing!

We have pie tasting.  We read There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Pie and then we taste three different pies.  This year it was pecan, pumpkin and apple.  We vote for our favorite pie!  Hello yummy-ness!!
This is one of my faves!  Each year we share about how we’re thankful for the words we can read and write!!!!    I love this because we get to celebrate the fact that we can read and be thankful that we’re good readers!  
Each of the ‘staches gets assessed on their sight words and they get a feather for the words they know.  They color the feathers and make their sight word turkey!  

These silly turkeys come from Mrs. Miner’s Monkey Business!   They’re just too cute and easy!

Of course we read Stone Soup and make delicious stone soup.  It’s a team effort and everyone brings in some vegetables!  We work together to make something delicious.  Teamwork is a great thing and this is a great lesson on giving to others.  
Then we eat.  A lot.
And the soup chooses one very deserving ‘stache to receive the stone.  (The soup chooses…wink wink nod nod!)  This year the soup chose my friend “chicken little”  (um he looks like chicken little…and is just too cute and funny for words….i mean too cute…when he has his clothes on!)  because this little guy went from 0 everything to mastering almost all of his letters and sounds.  He has worked harder than anyone this year so the soup choose him. 
Here’s the best part:  When he help up the stone…my class started chanting his name!!!!  “chicken little!  chicken little”  and kept going and going….and then….people, you can’t make this up…the class next door heard us and joined in.  There’s nothing quite like 2 classrooms of 5 year olds chanting for a friend and his success to remind you what you have to be thankful for.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen this guy prouder!!  
Hard work does pay off!!!!

We write what we’re thankful for!
Dancing because it keeps my love of people ….
Mr. Greg….
Legos to build stuff….
Living because I don’t want to die….

We also plan our own Thanksgiving feast and write about what we will bring to dinner.  Then we create our own feasts using grocery store sale papers!  
And the ultimate turkey art project….
Even though Yahoo called them a “turkey fail!”  People…it’s true.  These paper plate turkeys FROM MY CLASSROOM were featured in a Yahoo article and listed as one of the top 10 turkey project fails.
Personally, I think they are AMAZING!  And Yahoo can kiss it!!!
And of course…no day in mustache land is complete without a hat!  Thanks to Time 4 Kindergarten for these awesome turkey hats!


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