A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday: November 23, 2014

Happy Sunday before Thanksgiving!  I’m already going with my pants unbuttoned…to prepare for Thursday!
I am actually working Monday and Tuesday…who else??????
So I planned some fun, engaging (and slightly academic) projects for the two days.   You know…to keep control and manage the chaos….or at least we’ll make a big mess and make something beautiful!
Monday we will celebrate the words we are thankful for!  
Each student will be assessed on the sight words that they know.  They will color each feather and make their own sight word turkey!  
I love these because they make a beautiful display but they also make assessing sight words more fun and creative!!!  

(This guy is in my gobble gobble creation which is on sale for half price!)
Tuesday we will celebrate all of the yummy food we will eat for Thanksgiving!

We create a circle map or bubble map of all of the foods we might eat on Thanksgiving.  Then each ‘stache writes about what they will bring to our Thanksgiving feast.  Finally, we make our Thanksgiving feast placemats.    We always have so much fun with these and they always turn our so cute!!!  
And if you look at the picture…it gets messy.  So you know I love it.  Messy=successful!
And of course…we’re making a silly hat!!!
This awesome hat is from my sweet friend, Time4Kindergarten!
Finally….I have to share this with you and make a challenge to each of you…
Yesterday, Yahoo posted a story about 10 turkey craft fails.    Here’s the link to turkey fail number five.
Yes people, that is one of our hanging turkey art projects.   Posted on Yahoo.  Called a fail.
A five year old’s beautiful art project.  Called a fail.
What’s a fail about this beauty?????
So here’s my challenge!  I want everyone who has school Monday and Tuesday to participate in Operation Hanging Turkey!
I hope everyone will have their class make these paper plate turkeys.  
Take a picture.  Post the pictures on Twitter or Facebook and tag @yahoodiy and let’s show them not to bully our five year olds!
I also placed all of my Thanksgiving creations on sale for half price!  In case you need some last minute activities for the week!

You have a few hours to enter for a chance to win one of 3 gift certificates to my TPT store!!!!

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