Dive In And Subtract- SmorgieVision

It’s time for another fun installment of SmorgieVision!  
Today’s classroom video is a super fun and engaging subtraction activity that we did whole group and then it became a fun math hippopotamus  (AKA Center or workstation!)!
I love when you can find unique items to use in the classroom.  The brain loves novelty so bringing in fun and unique items to the classroom keeps the ‘staches engaged and learning.  And having fun!  #commoncoreisfun
How’s this for novel?  A plastic swimming ball.  And plastic ball pit balls??
So, at a yard sale, I found this bag of ball pit balls for $2.  I snatched them up figuring I would come up with something.  Finally, I came up with ball pit subtraction!!!!!!!
I wrote a subtraction equation on each ball, created a recording sheet and dumped them into a plastic swimming pool.
The students “dive in” and grab a ball.  They write the equation and solve!  
So. Much. Fun.  And perfect for spring!!
This activity meets the Common Core standards:  KOA1  KCC1  KCC2  KCC3  KCC4  KCC5
You can snag the free recoding sheet by clicking on the picture!
Here’s our SmorgieVision of the lesson in action!

Here’s another fun freebie for ya!
Head over to my Facebook page to snag this fun addition and subtraction freebie!!!
Mark you calendars!  TUESDAY APRIL 21st at 7:00 CENTRAL (8:00 eastern) is our next SUBMISSIONS FOR SMORGIE LIVE!!!!!!

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