Sparkling Adjectives!

This year, I have been blessed with a class of little writers!!   All of my ‘staches enjoy writing and even ask to work on writing!!   I know that’s a little unusual, but I’ve enjoyed seeing their writing grow!  
We recently started working on adjectives and adding adjectives into our writing!   And boy, did we have some fun with adjectives….and glitter…of course there’s glitter!
You see, glitter, because adjectives make our writing sparkle!!!!
(I got this idea from Victoria at 2 Super Teachers!)
I bought glitter eggs from Target.  
I wrote an adjective describing each of my ‘staches.
Then I put the adjectives in the glittery eggs!
I placed the eggs in a basket and each ‘stache took turns choosing an egg.  We read the word and then the class had to decide who I was talking about!!   (I made myself a list so I could remember…I’m old!)

Once we figured out the right ‘stache, recorded our answers on our sparkly chart!  
We then discussed that adjectives are words the describe nouns and make our writing SPARKLE!!!
This lesson ended up being way more powerful than I imagined because we got every adjective right on the first guess.  Our sense of community is so strong that we could immediately identify our friends by a single describing word!   I am so blessed that my classroom is a place where my ‘staches feel safe enough to own their unique and inspiring qualities!

(I used glittery bingo dabbers to make our chart sparkle!  CLICK HERE to see them on Amazon!)
Now that I had described the ‘staches, it was time for them to describe me!
We then used our adjectives to write about Mr. Greg!
I am “funky” and “sassy!”

I am “silly!”

I am “pretty!”
(The writing paper that we used is free on the freebies page!  Just click FREEBIES at the top of the page!)
Now it was time to move into using adjectives into our own writing so we created a list of adjectives in case we needed some ideas when we were writing!
Click the picture to get your free glitter letters!
(PS  When the letters didn’t fit the paper, and I glued them together they were sticking off of the paper…my ‘staches are convinced I’m magic because the letters aren’t glued to anything!)
And now we’re seeing adjectives pop up in our writing!
“Underwear can be nasty.”
“Underwear can be ugly.”
“Underwear can be big.”
All true statements about underwear!

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