Ocean Activities

Ahoy matey!    Last week was our ocean week!  We spent a few days learning about ocean animals and creating some adorbs ocean animal crafts!   Sadly, we only had a few days of ocean fun, but we learned a lot and had tons of fun!
We started the week off with CRABS!   We read about crabs and completed our thinking map!  And made adorable paper plate crabs!

Half of a paper plate painted read.  Red strips for the legs.  6 of them.  Folded accordion style.  Cut out circles for eye and glue on strips for eyes.  And you have crabs!  
Then we learned about sharks!
Then we learned about whales!
And made adorable bubble paintings of whales!  Yep.  Paint…straws…blowing bubbles…People, the mess was EPIC!!!   But the results were so worth it!!!  (Pretty sure I ruined another pair of pants…shhhh don’t tell the mister….!)
If you want to know more about our bubble painting, CLICK HERE!

And we wrapped up our week by making a lobster!!!
These are my favorite!!!!   Giant red circle.  Torn paper for the sand.  Claws were ovals with a u or c shape cut out.  Triangles for legs.  Circles for eyes.  This guy made a great shape review!!!
And of course, the ocean means the beach, so we had to hit the beach to practice our sight words!
I taped our sight words for the week to the beach ball.  We tossed the ball and whatever word our hand touched, we had to read and our friends spelled the word!  Then we used it in a sentence!
People…stock up on beach balls NOW!   $1 at the Dollar Tree.   The possibilities are endless…math, sight words, vowels, cvc words, letters, sounds, numbers, counting, names, shapes…omg!  I’m hoarding the beach balls now.  
Here is a free recording sheet.  You can put this into a center and they can toss the ball then read and write the words!  (Click the picture!)
Thanks to Kathleen at Growing Kinders for this awesome idea!
And of course, we ended ocean week with a fun and definitely not healthy snack!
Twinkie Submarines!!   People….I asked parents to send in Twinkies…we ended with 60 Twinkies!  60!!!!!!  TWINKIES!!!!   So much for a six pack….
We used Fruit Loops for the port holes.  We dipped our cereal into some frosting and stuck them on the Twinkies.  We put a bendy straw in as our periscope!   AND BAM!   Submarine Snacks!
Made a great vocabulary lesson too…we learned all about periscopes! 
See…. #commonoreisfun  #artiscommoncore  #foodiscommoncore

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