Happy Friday!!!  I am super excited about this post!!  Ya’ll…if you’re learning EE words…and drive a JEEP, it’s a requirement to dress as a sheep and be the sheep in a Jeep!

Here’s how we worked on EE words this week….culminating with yours truly as the sheep in my

We created a Sheep In The Jeep anchor chart!  Each ‘stache chose a sheep, read it and put in our Jeep!

We wrote ee words on our mini white boards.  I said a word and they wrote it!
To assess our EE words, we made Jeeps and wrote EE words on our Jeeps!   This was our assessment piece.  Art and assessment.  BAM!
#artiscommoncore  #commoncoreisfun
Supplement your reading fun with my Read It Up! Sheep In A Jeep creation:
And finally….The Sheep got in MY JEEP!
The kindergarten classes went to the playground.  I snuck out… and drove my Jeep around the block like a mad man…beeping the horn the whole time.  (PS  It’s hard to see with a sheep mask on…and I’m surprised no one called the cops on the sheep driving the Jeep…)
Each kid got to choose a “sheep”  (a white balloon) and read the EE word  and put the sheep in my Jeep!
Each time they put a sheep in, I BEEPED at them!

Then I drove home with a Jeep full of sheep!

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