OO Words: Word Work!

Let’s talk about OO Words and how we learn to read and write these words!   We used spoons…cows….and poop to learn how to read and write oo words.   Add in a little poop and engagement goes through the roof.  TRUE STORY!  OO words are included in our Vowel Teams Bootcamp which is part of our TKS BOOTCAMP Curriculum!

We learn OO words as part of our Vowel Teams Bootcamp!

 Spoon Words:  OO Words Anchor Chart

Our first oo word activity was spoon words!   I wrote the words on plastic spoons.  I put the spoons in a cup and each ‘stache came up and chose a spoon.  They read the word, then the class read their word and I used a dab of hot glue to glue the words on the anchor chart!
oo word work


Then we spelled our  words on our Promothean board.   As they spelled the words, I wrote the words!
We used this list of words to make our OO glasses!
I cut out these glasses on my big, scary, intimidating Silhouette Cameo!!   Each ‘stache wrote OO words on their glasses!  TOO CUTE!!!

Moo:  Reading OO Words

We played a game I created called MOO!
We read the words until we picked a cow, then we said MOO!!!  (Freebie at the bottom of the post!)
 And finally, we wrapped up OO  with our favorite book:  Everyone Poops!
Then we use our smelly markers from Scenots and Fruit Loops to build our  words!
I use this as our assessment piece!   No tests.  No quiz.   Just a fun, hands on, engaging activity to assess our learning!
oo words

Here are some fun OO freebies!  

MOO!  An OO Word Game!
And your Loopy Words sheet!
 oo word work ideas

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