Bubble Painting!

We love art in our classroom.  We love to make a mess.  And we’re always looking for fun new ways to do art.  So, how about bubble painting?!  It’s fun.  It’s messy.  It looks amazing.
Did I mention it’s MESSY!?  People…I was covered in paint.  Our table was covered.  But it was worth it!
So, we’ve been studying ocean animals this week so we used our bubble painting to paint whales!  
You need:
cups, straws, liquid watercolors, dish soap and water.
Put some liquid watercolor in the cup.
Add in a little water.  (Add more paint if the color isn’t dark enough)
Add a few drops of soap  (if you want more bubbles, add more soap!)
Here’s your paint!
Put a straw in the mixture.  Make sure the straw is all the way on the bottom of the cup to make LESS of a mess.  Students BLOW into the cup to blow bubbles.  When the bubbles are over the top of the cup, stop blowing.

Students set their paper on the top of the bubbles.  Then lift off.  Continue until your paper is covered!
You end up with beautiful bubble paintings!

We then cut whales out of our paper!

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