Science Friday: Elephant Toothpaste


It’s time for Mad Science Friday!
This week we’re making elephant toothpaste!   My ‘staches LOVED this!!!   It was super easy, super fun and made a big mess!  Ya’ll know how I love a mess!  #messyissuccessful


plastic water bottles
dish soap
food coloring
warm water
hydrogen peroxide
In the cup, mix 2 tbsp of warm water, 1tsp of yeast.
In your bottle, mix 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide.  Add food coloring if you want your elephant toothpaste to be colorful.  Add about 1 tbsp of dish soap.
Pour the yeast and water mixture into the model.
Watch the magic happen!
Want recording sheets to go with this experiment that include hypothesis, observation and more! You will also receive 14 other Mad Science experiments to do with your classroom. Click below:

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