Flexible Seating & ABC Bootcamp RESEARCH!

Research Supporting ABC Bootcamp

As you might know (or maybe you don’t know…) my classroom operates a bit differently!    In a lot of ways…but today I’m gonna focus on ABC Bootcamp and no tables and desks!
I want to share some research that supports ABC BOOTCAMP which is learning a letter a day for 26 days.    I did bootcamp last year and the results were amazing.  My students mastered all of their letters and sounds their reading levels.    I am doing bootcamp again this year with my ‘staches and I keep promising to share some research about letter a day and ABC Bootcamp….so here ya go!
This research is from the International Reading Association Pre-Institute on Early Literacy.  Their findings found that students who did letter a day scored higher on DIBELS testing than students who did letter a week.
In their research they talk about The Law of 10-20 for Memory Sets.   It basically says the optimal review cycle for something you want your students to remember is 10-20% of the time you want the students to remember the items.  (Please tell me that is just as confusing to you as it is to me!)
So here it is in plain English.
You want your kids to know all 26 letters and sounds and remember them for about 6 months.  That’s 182.5 days.  10-20 percent of 182.5 is 18-37.   So this is the optimal review cycle for learning letters.  18-37 days is scientifically, research based as the most effective number of days to learn letters.
What number is in the middle of 18-37??  26.  26 days.  26 letters.
What do we teach?  We explicitly teach the uppercase and lowercase letter (That’s part of bootcamp.).  We teach the sound (Yep, bootcamp).  We teach writing the upper and lowercase letter (Again, bootcamp.
SO……What does this mean????
Research says ABC BOOTCAMP is optimal! 

Learn more about ABC Bootcamp:

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Research Supporting Flexible Seating

Here’s some research and links for supporting not using tables and desks in your classroom!
This article from Herman Miller on Rethinking Classroom Design talks about classroom design and it’s impact on motivating and engaging students!   We want our students DOING so we need to design our spaces to encourage and motivate our kiddos to DO IT!
The article discusses how comfortable classrooms are good for the mind and body of our students!  This is so important to me!  I want my ‘staches to be comfortable.  Sitting in chairs and desks all day long is not comfortable.  But being able to lay down or sit or stand and do our work is engaging, comfortable and very motivating!
This article from Edtech Magazine talks about the demise of the cold hard school desk!   If we want our students ready for the 21st century, we need classrooms that engage, motivate and inspire our students.  Cold hard desks ain’t doin that!
This article from KQED Mind/Shift features an interview with Erin Klein who inspired me to go deskless!   I love her quote that “the desks get in the way” of our learning and out ability to collaborate!
Also check out Erin’s boards on Brain Friendly Learning and Classroom Design for more research into classroom design!
Here is a great blog post from another classroom teacher on the benefits of ditching the desk!
Click above to read about how to start “no tables and desks!”

Handwriting with No Tables No Desks – Research:


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