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One of my favorite activities earlier in the year is having my ‘staches label the classroom!  
At the beginning of the year, I post neatly printed and laminated labels on everything in our classroom.  This is great because it provides a print rich environment and exposes our students to print from day one.  It’s also great for write the room early in the year.
But I want the classroom to belong to the students.  It’s their space.  It’s their knowledge.  So, I want them to label their classroom!
So we spend a few days deciding what to label and we use large Post-It-Notes to label the classroom.  Everyone gets a turn so we end up with about 18-20 labels around the classroom!
In the video, you’ll notice that we use our sounds for labeling the room.  Typically,  when the ‘staches are writing,  they use phonetic spelling.  But when we label the classroom, I want the labels to be spelled correctly so I help them by using the sounds we know!  You will also hear us working to stretch the words and hear the sounds!   
This is a great activity for working on beginning sounds, stretching words and writing.
And the best thing?  I’ve seen a huge uptick in the number of labels in our writing!!!
(Thanks to Deanna Jump And Deedee Wills for the writing paper from their Write Through The Year units!)
Check out the video to see how we label our classroom!

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