Turkey Trot Ideas

I am super pumped to be joining my friends from The ELEMENTARY Chalkboard for this fun Turkey Trot!  
It’s a 3 course meal for you!
You get a freebie, and idea and a recipe!
Spin a letter!  Spin a sound!  Spin a turkey!
This freebie gives students a glittery good time learning letters and sounds!
People, teaching is hard.  Teaching is time consuming.  Teaching is stressful.
Teaching is THE BEST JOB EVER!!!!!!!
But we need to find ways to make our lives easier….so….one thing that I’ve done this year that means I get a few more minutes of sleep each day (hello, I ain’t getting any younger…I need my beauty sleep…) is make my charts for the week on Sunday!
After I make the charts, I roll them up and put a rubber band around them and IMMEDIATELY put them in the car.  (TRUST ME!  They don’t do any good if they’re at home on Monday morning….TRUST ME!)
This is one of my most favorite desserts ever.   EVER.
You see, I’ve been known to mix up a box of cake mix.  And eat it.  All.  
That leads to a very unhappy stomach.  But then I found this recipe…and well, I can have my cake batter anytime!
You need:
8 oz cool whip
1 box cake mix
1 lb of plain yogurt
animal crackers/vanilla wafers
Mix all 3 ingredients together.  Chill.
And check out my friend  

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