Holidays Around The World Week 1

I am all about trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone.  I’m a firm believer that if I’m asking my ‘staches to do something, I need to do it.  Every day I ask them to step out of their comfort zones….so this year I took a major step out of the comfort zone!
I’ve never done a holidays around the world project in my classroom so this year I decided to do it!  
And let me tell you….best.  decision.  ever.   My ‘staches are loving our journeys and experiences with different countries!   They’re so engaged and excited about where we’re going each day!   And honestly, Mr. Greg is having  a blast and learning a lot!
Each day we visit a new country!  
Each ‘stache gets a personalized airline ticket and then we use Google Earth to “fly” to our country!

We also get to stamp our passport each time we visit a country!

Then we read a story from each country.    And we complete our research chart!
After we did our class chart, we filled out our research journals!

We also do a craft for each country!

Germany:  Christmas Tree!

I found this idea at Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten!   We added the glitter!  Of course!
England: Yule Log!  With glitter!

Mexico:  Poinsettia

Italy:  Old Befana Broom

I also tried to incorporate little activities from each country!

We watched the Queen give her Christmas speech.
People, the ‘staches were RIVETED!    They oohed and aahed over her and her castle!
And one of the ‘staches says ” Man, she’s really old!”

St. Nicholas brought treats and left them in our shoes!  (Germany)

For Mexico, we got to bust a pinata of course!

The best part was that my class spontaneously busted into the pinata song in Spanish!  It was epic!

(And the door was propped open and 2 dogs wandered in….we didn’t even notice because of the pinata excitement!)

And we ended our first week as world travelers with a meal!

A grandparent made 30 homemade tamales!  OMG DELICIOUS!

We had christmas trees (Germany)
Yule Logs (Little Debbie Swiss Rolls)
Tortilla chips and cheese (Mexico)

You can get our Holidays Around The World resources in these two creations:

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