SmorgieVision: A Day In The Life December 2015

It’s SmorgieVision time!   
You know I love my GoPro camera!   
So I am always trying new things…
So the other day I strapped the GoPro onto myself and set it to do time lapse photography.  
The camera took pictures all day long and I turned them into a fun little video!
You get to see the fun that is our day…crammed into about 5 minutes!

And for my friends…some freebies!
Gingerbread Roll And Color!  
Rockin’ Reindeer letter recognition freebie!

I am teaming up with some awesome friends and bloggers for a 12 days of Christmas give away!
The giveaway is up for 24 hours!  
You can win:
$30 Starbucks card

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