Sight Word Toss!

One of my favorite stores is Dealz.  It’s like Dollar Tree (same company!) but prices go up to $20.  They have a lot of the same things you’d find at the Dollar Tree (AKA Teacher Heaven).    And there just happens to be one about 4.3 minutes from the world headquarters!  So of course I’m always there!
Over the summer I ran across this tic-tac-toe toss game.  As soon as I saw it, I knew there was a way to use it in my classroom.  Hello, we’re teachers!  We can make anything work in our classroom.  MAKE IT WORK as Tim Gunn would say!
It was $10!  And so worth it!  Click the picture to see my original post about making a letter/sound toss game!  (Freebies there too!)
Well, one of my teacher friends requested that I make a sight word toss game!  
Well, you know my rule:  Your wish is my command!
Here is my Toss A Sight Word game!
I checked our ESGI data to see which sight words we need to practice and I whipped up these fun mustache snowflake cards. 
Then I attached them to the toss game with velcro!  The original velcro is still on the game so I just stuck dots on the cards!  BAM!  EASY PEASY!
This time I left some of the squares empty to make it a bit more fun!
And now we’re ready!
They toss the little bean bag and read the word that spins up.  Then they write the word!  Reading and writing sight words while throwing things?!  You can’t lose!!!
Click the picture to get your free sight word cards and recording sheet.  I left some blank cards so you can write your own sight words!
And then I had a request from my friend Jonna to make a graphing activity using the Dollar Tree Christmas erasers.
Your wish is my command!
Sorting.  Counting.  Graphing.  Tally Marks!  Data.  BAM!  $1 for all of that awesome learning!
And don’t forget to enter my favorite things giveaway!

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