Candy Cane Sensory Bin

We love our differentiated sensory bin!!  
And I love finding new fun things to put in our sensory bin.
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What says Christmas more than peppermint and candy canes?!  (And peppermint is my favorite scent ever!)
So why not peppermint or candy cane rice for the sensory bin!
You need:
red watercolor paint (or food coloring)
peppermint extract (or peppermint oil)
Ziploc bag
This is a pretty simple process!
Put some rice in a ziploc bag.  I used 4 cups of rice at a time.
Squirt in a generous amount (the more you put in the brighter the red!) of the liquid watercolor.
Put in a few drops of peppermint extract.  (Um don’t pull a Mr. Greg and pour a whole bunch in….it might be a wee bit strong.  OOPS!)
Seal the bag. 
And shake it off.  Shake it off.  And shake it off!
Shake until the rice is all red.
Pour onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper to dry! 

BAM!  Candy cane rice!   
I will mix the red scented rice with white unscented rice in our sensory bin!  
(I did not put any peppermint on the white rice just so the smell wasn’t too strong!)
I plan to use these creations in my sensory bin:

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