A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday: November 30th, 2015

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and you’ve recovered from your turkey coma and Black Friday shopping!
I am so excited for the next 3 weeks in our classroom because we’re doing something I’ve never done before….I am doing Holidays Around The World!   True story!   I usually do reindeer and gingerbread men but this year I’m changing it up and I couldn’t be more excited!
As always, you can snag my lesson plans by clicking on the picture below!
This week we’re hopping aboard Mustache Air (it’s a private jet, of course!) and heading to Mexico, England, Germany and Italy!
Each student will receive their own airline ticket for each country!
We will use Google Earth to show us how far it is from our school to each country we visit!
We will read a Christmas or holiday book from each country and then complete our country charts!
We will be reading these books this week:
We will make a craft for each country also!
For Mexico, we will be making poinsettias!

These are super easy and the bright red looks so fun and festive on the walls!!!
The template for these is available in my Holly Jolly Christmas creation!
For England we will making a Yule Log!   My idea is to roll brown paper into a cylinder and make candles and glue on!   Stay tuned…
Germany will be a Christmas tree…..not sure on that one yet….thinking a simple green triangle and giving the ‘staches supplies to decorate…
Italy will be a broom like Old Befana!   I’m having each ‘stache bring a stick and we will use brown paper sacks to make the broom part and tie that on with a ribbon!
Foodie Fun Friday will be some fun and easy snacks representing the countries!
Yule Log-Swiss Cake Rolls
Christmas Tree-Christmas Tree snack cakes
Italy-Star Shaped cookies
Mexico-tortilla chips and cheese!
In math, we’re working on subtraction and we will be feeding the monster!
We put some “food” in the box and then feed the monster and see how many are left!  
We will do this whole group with a large monster chart and then small group work!
Click the picture to get your free monster subtraction work mats!
And that’s our week!  World travels…subtraction.  Writing personal narratives!   Word families and sight words and working on blending and segmenting will keep us super busy!
As always, here are some great freebies for you.  Because I love ya and appreciate ya!
Here are the many creations we will be using this week:

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