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It’s time for another SmorgieVision How To Video!  
This is another request!   I had a request to show you how I make the recoridng sheets for my hippopotamuses/centers/workstations.
When I’m creating my creations, I always include recording sheets because I want the ‘staches to have a place to write.  I want them recording their learning.  AND recording sheets are a very easy way to differentiate an activity.  When I create my resources, I’ll make 2 or 3 recording sheets for the same activity.  So instead of changing out an entire center/hippo activity, I just change recording sheets.  The recording sheets require a slightly different approach to that activity so it’s meeting the needs of different groups. 
Example:  let’s say the activity is CVC words.  The activity is matching the word card to the picture card.  The 3 recording sheets might be writing the word, coloring the word or coloring the picture.  So they can match the cards and write the word.
They can choose a picture card and write the word or color the word.
They can choose a word card and read the word and color the picture!
Same skill.  Same activity.  3 variations with different levels of rigor!
In fact, I even color code my recording sheets!   I print them on color paper that matches my groups.  So I can have 3 different recording sheets in a center or hippo and the ‘staches know to pick the color of their group.  That 1 activity is now meeting the needs of all students!  
So, without more rambling from me…you hear enough of that in the video….here’s how I make recording sheets!

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