Trendy Butler Clothing Review

Today I am excited to review the clothing service Trendy Butler!
You see… I love clothes.   I love to shop.  And I love having packages delivered!
So what is Trendy Butler?
Trendy Butler provides men with a perfect, personally styled box of clothes worth up to $150+, delivered to your door for only $65 per month. Log on to TrendyButler.com for more information. @Trendy_Butler  #TrendyButler”. 

So…you get $150 of clothes for $65 and it just magically shows up at your door each month. 
Yeah…new clothes…for a great deal…SIGN ME UP!
When you sign up, you fill out a survey about your style.   You answer questions about colors and patterns and sizes.   Then a stylist reviews your style and sends you your first set of clothes!  BAM!
And if you don’t like it…free returns!
But wait…are they good clothes?!  How’s the quality?!
Well, look for yourself…
My first shipment included 3 shirts.   A flannel shirt, a dress shirt and a t-shirt.
Here’s what I LOVE about the clothes I received…they can be used in so many ways and have so much flexibility!   
The blue and white dress shirt is great on its own but it would also be great with a sweater or blazer!    The shirt also works for a spring look with shorts and khakis!
I paired my shirt with some khakis and red shoes for a preppy look with some pizazz!
I also received a flannel shirt!   Now, honestly, I’m not a flannel fan.  It usually feels itchy and scratchy.  BUT this flannel was so soft!!!!!!!   Seriously…
So I wore the shirt on it’s own when I went to my classroom during a snow day!  It was a perfect snow day outfit!  Warm and comfy!
I also paired the flannel with the super soft black t-shirt from Trendy Butler and a sweater.  This was my going out to dinner look on our snow day!  I love the rugged flannel with the preppier sweater!  
So, here’s my final opinion on Trendy Butler:  SMORGIE APPROVED!!!
I am officially signing up to receive my monthly shipments!
All the other male teachers….you need to sign up for this!
All the female teachers….you need to sign up your hubbies, boyfriends, and brothers!
It’s a great value and so easy!   
AND for all of my readers, I have a 10% off code for your first box!  
Use the code TEACHTRENDY10 to save $10 when you sign up!!!!  
And a huge thank you to Trendy Butler for the opportunity to check out their service and their clothes!  

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