SmorgieVision: Hit The Floor Morning Meeting

I am a huge huge huge proponent of morning meeting.  People,  if you ain’t doing morning meeting, START!!   Seriously…it’s one of the most powerful things you can do in your classroom when it comes to relationships and classroom management!   DO IT!  
Each week we do a different greeting during our morning meeting.  I like to keep it fun and fresh because I want the kids to get excited about greeting each other and start the day off on a happy, fun, engergizing note!  
But we changed this one up a bit.  You see, what had happened was, we got a trampoline in our class! 
So I incorporated the trampoline (or jumpoline…as the ‘staches call it!) into our HIT THE FLOOR morning meeting greeting!
In this morning meeting, you will also see our use of the Kagan strategy Rally Robin and we’re working on nouns and verbs!  
We go around the circle chanting this chant:  
Everyone gets a turn to BOUNCE!
Check out the video below to see how we celebrate each other and get pumped up for the day!

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