Schedulin’ Sunday: Spiders, Shapes And Pirates

Happy Schedulin’ Sunday ya’ll!!!   It’s time for more plans and preparations and ideas to make this week fun, engaging, challenging and packed with learning!   ARE YOU READY?!   This week is all about spiders, 2D shapes and we’re throwing in pirates for Talk Like A Pirate Day!

OH AND… THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!  So we’ll be partying it up that day!

As always, you can download my weekly lesson plans by clicking the image below:
We have wrapped up ABC BOOTCAMP with amazing results!  We saw an 86% growth in our letter recognition and a 78% growth in our sounds!   My goal is to have everyone at 100% mastery in the next few weeks with lots of one on one and small group instruction!
And since ABC BOOTCAMP is finished, we’re moving on to WORD FAMILY BOOTCAMP!   This week we’re doing-at and -ap words!   And much like ABC BOOTCAMP, there is a circle map!  And writing!  And centers!
For each word family, the students will suggest words. We will draw and label them on our circle map and we will blend the sounds to read the word.   On day 2, we will use our giant pictures and letter cards to build and read the words!
This week we’re also learning about spiders which is a new unit for us!  Last year we did bats so this year I’m changing it up and doing spiders!   There will be a schema map, tree maps, labeling, brace maps and spider writing.
Paper plate spiders?  Check.
Handprint spiders?  Check.
Giant classroom spider web?  Check.
Spider web sight words?  Check.
Spider snack with Oreos?  Check.
In math we’re starting…wait for it… SHAPES BOOTCAMP!
We kick off shapes with our shape people!  I pair up students and they get to make a shape person.  We use the shape person to make an anchor chart for each shape.  Our anchor chart will be a BUBBLE MAP!  For each shape we will describe the shape by:  how many sides, how many vertices or corners, 2D or 3D, curved or straight lines, and we will think of real life objects for each shape!
We will do a whole group sort of shapes.  We will ID each shape and sort the hsapes.  We do an indpenedent sort as a quick assessment piece.
We will use yarn to build shapes!   This was a new activity for us last year and it was so much fun and challenging for the ‘staches!   A very hands on, abstract, teamwork activity for shapes.
For more shape ideas, check out this post about shapes:  (there are some freebies in this post too!)
And Monday, September 19th is Talk Like A Pirate Day so we have to wear pirate hats and eye patches and learn pirate lingo.
And of course read Pirates Love Underpants!  (It’s a requirement.  Mr. Greg says so…)
We will also make cute hand print pirates!
Here are some pirate freebies for ya!
This freebie includes a pirate tree map, pirate vocabulary cards, and pirate writing!
And finally for Mad Science Friday, we’re making colors disappear!
Spider books:
Pirate Books:



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