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In October we hosted our 2nd Smorgasboard Of Teaching conference.  200 teachers spent a Saturday with us to learn, share, collaborate and inspire one another.  We laughed.   And cried.  We learned.  And we had a blast!    One of the things we did at this conference was ask all the teachers to write down their favorite resources.  Teachers shared their favorite books, websites, apps, and music!   I have compiled all of those into a neat little PDF file for you!   All of the favorite resources are linked so you can click the link to visit the site, the app, or see the book on Amazon!   I hope you’ll find something new to use or try in your classroom!

favorite resources

Our Favorite Resources FREEBIE!

a smorgasboard of teaching conference

To see more about our TKS conference check out this post!

(And don’t worry if you missed this one…stay tuned for an announcement about our next conference!)

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