Arctic Animals: Schedulin’ Sunday

schedulin sunday arctic animals

Happy  Schedulin’ Sunday! It’s the first Schedulin Sunday of 2017!!!  WOOHOO!  HAPPY NEW YEAR   This week we are researching and writing about arctic animals!  We’re also comparing numbers!

And as always you can download my lesson plans by clicking the image below!

 arctic animals kindergarten lesson plans

Arctic Animals

The ‘staches will be using my Arctic Animals research creation to research and write about arctic animals.  We will learn about a different arctic animal each day.  We will read a book and watch a video for each animal as our research.  Then the ‘staches will use a tree map to record our learning.  We then use our tree map to write about each animal.  For each animal we also do an art project!

arctic animals

arctic animals

arctic animals  arctic animals

snowy owl art project arctic animals art polar bear snack walrus math arctic animals

Polar Bear snack!

For more information on arctic animals, check out this post!

arctic animals

For information on penguins, check out this post!


This week we’re also kicking off Vowel Bootcamp!   We will spend 2 days on each vowel.  Day 1 will be a vowel sort for the long and short vowel song.  Day 2 will be reading magic e words using a circle map!

vowel bootcamp


In math, we will be working on comparing numbers using greater than and less than!

comparing numbers

We start off with a whole group lesson using our alligator mouth.  Students take turns being greater gator and they get to “eat” the biggest group of their friends1

greater than less than

Next, the students get to use their bodies to show greater than and less than.  I write numbers on the smartboard and the students become the greater than/less than symbol!

comparing numbers

We also do a higher order thinking sort for greater than and less than.  Students have to decide if the comparing number statement is true or false!

greater than less than

We will also play SMASH!  Students will each a deck of cards and they will flip their cards over.  Whoever has the biggest number will say SMASH and keep the cards!

This is a fun activity that’s great for independent practice or small group work!  I made my hands out of construction paper.  Students grab a handful of cubes and place them on each hand. Count and write!

Click for your freebie!

comparing numbers

For more ideas on comparing numbers, check out these posts:

Comparing Numbers

Greater Than Less Than

Arctic Animal Freebies!

arctic animals



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