Valentine’s Day: Schedulin’ Sunday

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Happy  Schedulin’ Sunday! This week we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, working  on our Black History Month project, and subtracting to 10!

Here’s a little honesty about Mr. Greg….I don’t do Valentine’s Day!  True story.   The Mister and I don’t celebrate.  We watch a scary movie and order pizza!    But we will celebrate in our classroom!

After reading this post, you’re gonna feel the urge to buy all the candy hearts!  So stock up!!!!!  You’ve been warned…

And as always you can download my lesson plans by clicking the image below!

valentine's day

Black History Month Research Project

The ‘staches will be using my Black History Research  creation to research and write about African American heroes.  We will learn about each of these heroes and the contributions they made to our world.  For each person, we will read a book and watch a short YouTube clip.  We will then complete a class chart and write in our research journal.  And of course, for each person we will do a directed drawing!

This will be week 2 of our Black History Month research project!

black history month black history month

For each hero, there are labels for the class charts, a picture for the chart, and two differentiated recording sheets.  Also included is a fact sheet for each person:

black history month

This week we’re learning about:  Garrett Morgan, Bessie Coleman and Oprah Winfrey!  (YES OPRAH!  BECAUSE I LOVE OPRAH!  I WANT TO BE OPRAH!)

black history month

For a detailed post about this research project, you can check out this post!

This week we’re also continuing  Vowel Bootcamp!   We will spend 2 days on each vowel.  Day 1 will be a vowel sort for the long and short vowel song.  Day 2 will be reading magic e words using a circle map!

vowel bootcamp

I did a pre-assessment on short and long A and short and long o.   48% of my ‘staches could heard the two vowel sounds and about the same could read the words.   After two days of vowel bootcamp, 85% could hear the sounds and 90% could read the words!!   I was so pumped for them and so thrilled to see their growth!

vowel bootcamp


In math, we will be working on subtracting numbers to 10 and our lessons and activities will have a big focus on Valentine’s Day!  A couple of these are NEW activities and ideas so I don’t have pictures or videos, but stay tuned and I’ll do a post ASAP!

Cupid Subtraction

We will play Cupid Subtraction.    I found this idea on Pinterest and modified it for subtraction.  We will have 11 pink plates numbered 0-10.  I bought 2 foam roses from The Dollar Tree.  Each student will be “cupid” and will throw both roses at the plates.  When the roses land on a plate we will use those 2 numbers to subtract!

Candy Heart Subtraction

The second Valentine’s Day subtraction activity will be using candy hearts!   I will tell the ‘staches a story about candy hearts.  They will put candy hearts on their plate and when we “eat” the hearts, we will take away!

Raining Hearts Subtraction

We will also be modifying this art and math activity for subtraction!

valentine's day math

First, we will make the umbrella and then we count out a number of hearts.  Next, we put some hearts on the umbrella and some hearts off the umbrella.  Then we use the hearts to write a subtraction equation!

 We will also practice estimating and counting with candy hearts!

First, we estimate how many hearts we can hold in our hand and record that guess on our chart!

Next, we grab a handful of candy hearts!

Finally, we fill out our recording sheet!

candy heart estimating

candy heart estimation

Click the image to get your free recording sheet and chart labels!

The ‘staches will also do some candy heart science!

We make predictions about what will happen to the candy hearts when we soak them in different liquids!   We record our predictions.  Then we carry out our experiment and observe what happens.  Finally, we record our results!

candy heart science

These materials are available in my Mad Science creation!

kindergarten science experiments

Our Foodie Fun Friday snack will be a stoplight snack to honor Garrett Morgan!

M&Ms, graham crackers and chocolate frosting!

Valentine’s Day Freebies


valentine's day freebies

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