Rainbows And St. Patrick’s Day: Schedulin’ Sunday

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Happy  Schedulin’ Sunday! Today’s Schedulin’ Sunday is gonna be short because we have 3 days this week and then we’re on Spring Break!!!  This week we’re learning all about rainbows, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day  and working on decomposing numbers to 10.

As always, you can download my weekly lesson plans by clicking on the images!

rainbow lesson plans


rainbow research project

We will be using my rainbow research project to learn about rainbows.  We will learn what makes rainbows, the colors of the rainbow and we will do lots of rainbow art projects!  I figured St. Patrick’s Day week is a great week to do rainbows!

We kick off our rainbow unit with our schema map!   We add our new learning as we study and learn about rainbows!  Day 2 of rainbows is a tree map!

We will paint a rainbow using marshmallows and make a self portrait with rainbow hair!

Here are some more rainbow ideas!


Torn paper rainbow!  This is a large rainbow on butcher paper.  Students work together to tear paper and make the rainbow!   We then hang this in our classroom to remind us that our class is beautiful and that teamwork makes things beautiful!

rainbow art

Fruit Loop rainbows!   Glue fruit loops onto a rainbow!  Eat the extra fruit loops!


Paint a rainbow!


Rainbow toast!!  This is one of our funniest Foodie Fun Friday snacks!   White bread, milk colored with food coloring.  Students “paint” the toast and we toast it!  Then we eat it!

We’re also celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this week!  We’re eating Leprechaun Chow and drinking Shamrock Shakes.  And a leprechaun might visit the classroom…

For the leprechaun chow recipe (and free labels), click the image!

st. patrick's day

We will make shamrock shakes using lime sherbret and Sprite!

And of course, a holiday means a hat so we make rainbow hats!

The hats are in my St. Patrick’s Day creation!

st. patrick's day

The sneaky leprechaun might visit and if he visits, he might need to use the restroom…

For more St. Patrick’s day ideas and freebies, check out this post:

st. patrick's ideas kindergarten

Blends Bootcamp!

blends bootcamp

We are kicking off our next BOOTCAMP for literacy!   It’s time for BLENDS BOOTCAMP!   Our Blends Bootcamp follows the same routines and structures (hello, consistency!!) as Word Family Bootcamp and Vowel Botocamp and ABC BOOTCAMP!

Blends Bootcamp is a two day routine.  Day 1 is the circle map to introduce the blend.  And day 2 will be building, reading and writing words featuring the blends!

blends bootcamp

All of our Blends Bootcamp assessments will be done using ESGI!  All of my blends assessments are available for you to use on ESGI!


In math, we will be working on decomposing numbers to 10.  We have worked on this skill before so this will be review for the ‘staches which means independent practice and small group work!  The class will use our giant number bonds to decompose numbers to 10!

number bonds

For more number bond ideas, click here!

Rainbow Freebies


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