Sight Word PowerPoint

Sight word review can be a boring, repetitive thing.  And what happens when our kids are bored? Boredom….behavior issues…teacher stress….and we don’t want any of those to happen.  So why not use your students to make a fun, engaging, and exciting sight word PowerPoint that will make sight word review much more fun and engaging?

It’s very easy.  You’ll need some sight word posters.  A camera.  And students.

I printed sight words for all 100 of our sight words. Then I glue the posters on construction paper and laminate them to make our sight word posters.

sight word powerpoint sight word powerpoint

Next, I took pictures of the kids holding the sight word posters.  All 100 of them!

sight word powerpoint

And finally, I inserted all of the images into a PowerPoint to make a sight word review PowerPoint!

My kids LOVE this review PowerPoint because they get to see their faces and their friends!  That makes a connection and ups the engagement level.   And it’s silly.  So we giggle.  And giggling means we’re having fun.  And learning must be fun!

Note:  to update this activity to align with the science of reading, students can decode, spell and write the words as they go through the slides!

Sight Word PowerPoint Posters

Click the images to get your free posters from the freebies page!

sight word posters

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