Sight words are such an important piece of reading and writing which is why we focus on them so much!   Because of that focus I’m always looking for new ways to practice our sight words!  So why not take our kids on a sight word hunt?   They can read and write sight words AND they’re up and moving!   And a bonus…it’s VERY LOW PREP and very effective and engaging!

To set up the sight word hunt I used our ESGI assessment data and found the 8-10 sight words that we missed the most.    Next, I wrote those words on Post-It Notes.  I made multiple copies of each word.

sight word hunt

Then I placed the Post-It Notes around the classroom!

sight word hunt

Finally, the students used their recording sheet to find, read and write the words!  Do you need a recording sheet?  Nope!  A blank piece of paper will work just fine!

  I turned on some music and let the sight word hunt commence!   We hunted the words until the end of the song so about 4-5 minutes!

sight word hunt

sight word hunt sight word hunt

Sight Word 60!

For more on our Sight Word 60 routine, check out this post!

Sight Word Resources:

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