Weather And Making 10: Schedulin’ Sunday

schedulin sunday arctic animals

Happy  Schedulin’ Sunday! Today’s Schedulin’ Sunday post is coming to you LIVE from about 30,000 feet in the air!  I’m on a flight heading home after a very inspiring week of sharing with teachers in Texas and Chicago!!!  What a better place to plan a weather unit than being in the air?!

This week we’re learning all about weather and working on decomposing numbers to 10 and making numbers to 10!

As always, you can download my weekly lesson plans by clicking on the images!

kindergarten lesson plans



We will be using my weather research project to learn about weather and we will study different kinds of weather.  Each day we read about the weather, make a tree map and write about the weather.  And finally we do an art project for each kind of weather!

We kick off our weather unit with our schema map!   We add our new learning as we study and learn about weather!


weather schema map

Our first lesson is weather words!   We come up with as many weather words as we can and make a weather bubble map!

weather kindergarten weather

To celebrate our weather unit, we make a hat!   Every unit needs a silly hat! Click the picture to get the free hats!


Then we learn about the sun, the wind and the rain!

weather research weather schema


weather kindergarten

Our Mad Science Experiment and our Foodie Fun Friday snack, is of course, weather related!

Shaving cream, water and food coloring make a great science experiment to show how clouds fill with water and then it rains!  My kids LOVE this experiment every year!  They watch that cloud so intently until it finally rains!!

rain science experiment

How about a healthy weather snack?!  Blueberries and Cool Whip make a great weather parfait!

 weather snack

For more weather ideas and activities, check out this post!

Blends Bootcamp!

blends bootcamp

We are kicking off our next BOOTCAMP for literacy!   It’s time for BLENDS BOOTCAMP!   Our Blends Bootcamp follows the same routines and structures (hello, consistency!!) as Word Family Bootcamp and Vowel Botocamp and ABC BOOTCAMP!

Blends Bootcamp is a two day routine.  Day 1 is the circle map to introduce the blend.  And day 2 will be building, reading and writing words featuring the blends!

All of our Blends Bootcamp assessments will be done using ESGI!  All of my blends assessments are available for you to use on ESGI!


In math, we will be working on decomposing numbers to 10 and making 10!

Making 10 Snap Cube Towers

making 10


The ‘staches get 2 colors of snap cubes and build a tower of 10.  We write the equations on white boards and share.  We do this several times to show all the ways we can make 10.  The lesson closure/assessment is for the ‘staches to make their tower of 10, draw their tower using the correct colors and write the equation!

making 10

We will use our giant floor ten frame to practice making 10!   We use SitSpots tape to make our ten frame!   I will have some boys and some girls stand in the ten frame.  We write the equation on our white boards to make 10!

Day two we will be using Post It Notes to make 10!   I will make a large circle map on our chart paper.  I will write numbers on Post It Notes.  Students will choose two numbers that make 10 and stick them on teh cirlce map.  We will write the equation on our white boards!

Weather Freebies


weather emergent reader

weather poem

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