Easter Centers And Spring Centers

It’s almost Easter so we’re celebrating with some fun, easy to prep, DIY Easter Centers (and/or Spring centers if you can’t celebrate Easter!)

Easter Sight Words

For this differentiated sight word center, we used our ESGI assessment data to target our most missed sight words.

You will need:

foam bunnies (Dollar Tree)

green glass gems (Dollar Tree)


Use a Sharpie to write the sight word on the bunny.  Then write the letters to spell the sight word on the gems.  Write 1 letter per gem.  Students read the word, spell or build the sight word with the gems and write the sight word!

easter sight wordseaster centers

Here is a free recording sheet for your Easter bunny sight words!

For a fun Easter sight word activity, check out our Easter sight word creation!  (Includes 200 words!)

Easter Addition

This Easter center can be modified for many skills.  You can do addition, subtraction and counting!

You will need:

Plastic baskets (Oriental Trading)

Addition cards (from our Add And Subtract The Room For The Whole Year Creation)

Dot stickers (Amazon)


First, I wrote numbers 1-10 on pink dot stickers.  Then I placed the stickers on the outside of the baskets.  I used stickers so we can the stickers and re-use the baskets.  Students choose an equation card, solve the equation and sort the card into the correct Easter basket.  They can then write the equation and answer on the recording sheet!

You can also do subtraction equations.

To make a counting center, label the cauldrons to 20.  Students can put the correct number of bunnies or flowers or chicks into the basket!

adding easter  kindergarten easter ideaseaster math ideas

The addition cards can be found in our Add And Subtract The Room For The Whole Year resource!

Spring Ten Frame Addition

This is a fun,  way to practice addition or subtraction using a ten frame!

You will need:

Silicone cooking plan (Wal-Mart)

Manipulatives or counters (We use Target mini-erasers)

The silicone bunny pan has 24 bunnies.  You will need to cut 4 bunnies off the end and then cut the pan in half to make two ten frames.

kindergarten math

Students will choose a card.  They will put the correct number of counters into the ten frame.  For addition, they will use two different counters.  For subtraction they would use one kind of counter.

easter math ideas

Then they write the equation and solve.

spring math ideas

Earth Day Sight Words

THis is a simple sight word matching game that is targeted using our ESGI assessment data.

Students read the sight word, match the words and write the words!  Simply write the sight words on two shapes using a Sharpie!

You’ll need:

cutout shapes (Dollar Tree)


 kindergarten earth day lesson earth day kindergarten earth day sight words

kindergarten earth day lessons

Easter  Counting

This is a fun and super easy math center or math activity for number recognition and counting to 20!

You will need:

Easter/spring/bunny plates (Target, WalMart, Dollar Tree)

manipulatives/mini erasers (Target, Dollar Tree, Oriental Trading)

Dot Stickers (Amazon)

Write numbers 1-20 on dot stickers with a Sharpie.

Place the stickers on the plates.

Students choose a plate, say the number and place the correct number of bunnies or carrots on the plate! Students then write the number and make the ten frame on their recording sheet! (Get your FREE ten frame recording sheet on the freebies page!)

 easter counting spring counting and numbers

kindergarten counting

These bunny plates are from Target and could be used for part-part whole activities, decomposing numbers and addition!

Easter Word Work

This is a fun CVC-E word work actvitiy that is also great for fine motor skills!

You will need:

Bunny clips (Wal-Mart)



CVC-E Cards (from our Chicks Blackline Creation)

Simply write 1 letter per bunny to spell the CVC-E word.

spring word work ideas

Students choose a picture card, say the word and build the word by clipping the bunnies onto the basket or bucket.

easter word work ideas

Easter And Spring Creations:

Here is our FACEBOOK LIVE Video of us making all of these Easter centers and Spring activities and games!

For more information on ESGI, check out this post:

For some more spring center ideas, check out this post!

Easter and Spring DIY math and literacy centers!

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