Tops And Bottoms Activities For Word Work

One of our favorite books to read at Easter or as part of our plant unit is Tops And Bottoms.  I think the book is hysterical.  It teaches a great lesson about hard work.  And it has great information about plants.  So why not use it in the spring?  Plus, the carrot tie in is pretty awesome.  So,  I’m always trying to come up with Tops And Bottoms activities for my class.

tops and bottoms activities

One day I was hanging out at my favorite teacher store, The Dollar Tree when I stumbled across these plastic bunny yard stakes.  I stared at them for a while trying to come up with something.  Then I texted my friends so they could convince me to buy them.  So I bought 10 of them with no real ideas in mind.

easter ideas for kids

My TBFF from Jen Hart Design said:  “I know someone who has some really cute carrot letters you could use to make a bunny and carrot game or center!”   And BAM!  An idea was born.

So , I used said cute carrot letters to make a Tops And Bottoms word work center for CVC words.

The kids will choose a CVC word picture card.  Place the picture on the bunny. Then they will segment their sounds to build the CVC word by placing the carrot letters onto the bunny.  Finally, they will read the word and write the word on their paper!

tops and bottoms book ideas tops and bottoms kindergarten

For more Tops And Bottoms resources for your class, check out Tops And Bottoms math and literacy creation!

tops and bottoms activities

Grab your freebie here!

For a carrot sight word idea, check out this post:

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