Addition To 5: Schedulin Sunday

Happy Schedulin’ Sunday!  This week we are continuing ABC BOOTCAMP to introduce letters and sounds!  We’re also introducing addition to 5 and conducting our first Mad Science experiment!   And we’re continuing our research project all about community helpers!

Lesson Plans For Letters And Sounds, Addition To 5 and Community Helpers 

Here are our lesson plans for introducing letters and sounds and numbers!    Click the image to download my lesson plans!

kindergarten lesson plans



This week we are continuing ABC BOOTCAMP!!!!  ABC BOOTCAMP is a research based, classroom proven approach to introducing letters and sounds.  This is an intense and immersive experience in letters and sounds! We are continuing with our new order for ABC BOOTCAMP!  We are currently 10 days into ABC BOOTCAMP and the growth I’ve seen in my students in just 10 days is amazing!

ABC BOOTCAMP starts with circle charts.  This week we are learning G, W, X, V and J.

abc bootcamp letter and sound activities alphabet recognition activities beginning sounds kindergarten

We also do handwriting for each letter.  I explicitly model how to form each letter and the students practice writing the letter using the included handwriting sheets.

For each letter, we also make a silly hat!  This is one of my favorite parts of ABC BOOTCAMP!  The hats are great at re-inforcing letters and sounds and they also provide daily fine motor practice and cutting practice!

alphabet crowns

This week is one of my favorite hats: J for Jeep!  We color our Jeep hats to look like Mr. Greg’s Jeep and then we all go outside and explore my Jeep!

We have also using the newest piece of ABC BOOTCAMP:  the sound hunt!  These are a great small group tool to practice and reinforce the sound learned in the whole group lesson.

kindergarten phonics

And we are using the new ABC BOOTCAMP decodable readers and alphabet books!

For more on ABC BOOTCAMP, check out this blog post:

letters and sounds

Community Helpers

This week we’re kicking off our two week community helpers research project!

community helpers

This week we’re learning about garbage collectors, teachers, mail carriers and construction workers!

For each of the community helpers, we do a read aloud as the research.  As we read, we record our learning on our graphic organizer.  Then we do a directed drawing of the community helper!

At the conclusion of our community helpers research project, we are celebrating with a community helper dress up day and the students will write about what they want to be when they grow up!

kindergarten community helpers

kindergarten art projects

These are the books we’re reading this week:

Foodie Fun Friday

Our Foodie Fun Friday snack is this adorable construction worker snack! It’s a hammer made with a pretzel stick and cheese cubes!

foodie fun friday

Back To School Research Project

We are continuing our school supply research and learning how to use our school supplies!

For each supply we make an anchor chart and then complete a puzzle!

For all the detail on our School Supply research project, check out this post!

Sight Word 60

This week we’re continuing sight words with sight word 60 with the sight words:  we, and, the, am

We read and spell the words.  We use the words in a sentence.  Then we color the words in our grids and graph our sight words!

kindergarten sight words sight words

For more on Sight Word 60, check out this post:


In math we are …..wait for it….introducing addition to 5!  TRUE STORY!  Our district scope and sequence has included addition to 5 in the first 9 weeks for years.  And the kids do amazingly well!  We simply introduce addition as putting together.  We practice putting together our fingers and manipulatives.  It’s very basic and very simple but the students really grasp the idea of putting together!

This year we’re trying a new activity for addition to 5 and I’m super excited about it!

We’re going to read the book 20 Big Trucks In The Middle Of The Street.

And then we’re going to use toy cars to practice addition to 5.  We will put cars on the street and cars on the parking lot and put them together to add!  I found 100 toy cars for cheap on Amazon!

We’re also using Number Bootcamp in our small groups to provide differentiated practice with number recognition and counting!  We will be using our Student books and doing number hunts!

number bootcamp

Mad Science Thursday

Ya’ll it’s finally time for our very first Mad Science science experiment!

kindergarten science

Our first experiment is super simple to get the kids used to the procedures and expectations.  It’s also when we all get our official Mad Scientist lab coats!

Our first experiment is Magic Potion!  Simple.  Baking soda, vinegar and food coloring.  And the reaction is one of the best things you’ll experience all year!

kindergarten science

Check out the reaction and pure joy in this video:


These are the creations we are using in our classroom this week!


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