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Money is a necessary life skill.  We all like money.  We all spend it.  So it’s a MUST teach skill in our classrooms.  And because it’s so tangible for our students, the engagement happens naturally.  And it’s money, so it’s fun.  In our classroom we use our Math It Up:  Money creation for our money lessons and activities.

kindergarten money lessons

For our money unit, each child creates a money journal.  This is where they do their independent work following our whole group mini-lessons.  This money journal is very much like our research journals for our our TKS Research Projects which the students obsess over!  So it made sense to do a money journal as well!

Money Lessons

We start off the money lessons by reading Alexander Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday and talk about all the reasons we need money!

Please note….we need money “to pay taxes!”   KIDS ya’ll!


For each coin we do a bubble map or word web to identify the name and value of the coin as well as other characteristics of the coins.

kindergarten money lesson plans coin identification lessons

We also do a tree map identifying the name, value and both sides of the coins.

The students then make their own tree chart in their journals

Money:  Independent Work

Students also do independent work with sorting coins and coloring coins and coin values.

Here is a video of a whole group lesson using an activity and manipulatives from our Math It Up:  Money resource!

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