Ocean Activities For Kindergarten

Kids love learning about animals and the ocean with these simple ocean activities for kindergarten! We use our Ocean Animals Research Project to learn about the ocean, write about ocean animals, do ocean art projects and eat ocean snacks!

Ocean Activities For Kindergarten: Schema Map 

Each of our TKS research projects starts with a schema map. We share our schema about the ocean and add it to our schema map. As we learn about the ocean and ocean animals, we add our new learning. Finally, we revise our schema and address any misconceptions.

Ocean Activities For Kindergarten: Researching Ocean Animals

As with all of our research projects, students create a research journal filled with their learning!

ocean activities for kindergarten writing activities

For each animal, we use read-alouds and videos to research the animal. As we do our research, we add what we have learned to our graphic organizer. The information is added during the read-aloud and not after. If we do it after, it becomes an assessment and we don’t want this to be an assessment. As we complete the graphic organizer, we build language skills by speaking in complete sentences and using academic vocabulary.

Students then write about the animal. Students are encouraged to do their best writing. They can use the graphic organizer as a scaffold or they can write on their own.

Ocean Activities For Kindergarten: Vocabulary

One of the most important parts of our research projects is the explicit vocabulary instruction. One way that we teach vocabulary is through labeling. As we label the parts of the animals, we’re identifying the part, how it helps the animal (especially in the animal’s habitat), and the adaptations the animals use. After we do the whole group labeling, students complete their own labeling in their research journal.

Ocean Activities For Kindergarten: Culminating Task

Our culminating task for our ocean animals is for students to write an email to our principal telling them about their favorite ocean animal. They must state their favorite and give information about the animal.

kindergarten writing activities

Ocean Animals Compare And Contrast

Use two hula hoops to make a Venn diagram. We print out facts for two different animals and compare and contrast the animals. This is great for higher-order thinking and building language!

ocean animals for kindergarten

Ocean Animals For Kids: Art Projects

Ocean Snacks 

ocean animal snacks
cookie, blue frosting, goldfish=fish in the ocean
ocean water (Sprite, coconut and sugar), blue jelly, whipped cream, shark fin on a spoon
Submarine-Twinkie, apple jacks cereal, bendy straw for the periscope!

Ocean slime! 

We made slime, added blue food coloring and plastic ocean animals to make ocean slime!


Ocean Decorations

We used some fun inflatable ocean animals, some LED lights turned blue and an ocean video on youtube. You can also find ocean sounds that you can play so it sounds like you’re under the sea!

set the stage to engage
classroom transformations for oceans

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