The fourth component of our TKS BOOTCAMP Curriculum is BLENDS BOOTCAMP!   Blends Bootcamp focuses on blends and digraphs as tools to help students become better readers and writers.

Blends Bootcamp:  Circle Charts

As with all of our TKS BOOTCAMP phonics curriculum, the foundation of our blends instruction is the circle chart.  We introduce the blend and how to spell the blend.  Then the students generate the words for the circle map.  After they suggest a word, we say the sounds and decide if it belongs on the circle map.  Then I draw the picture.  We say the word, identify the blend.  The students spell the blend and the teacher writes the letters.  If possible we use our sounds to spell the rest of the word.  If not, I spell the word as  I write the letters.

blends and digraphs blends bootcamp

After we complete the circle chart, students apply the skill by writing words that include the blend or digraph we learned that day.

Blends Bootcamp:  Differentiation

In small groups, as an intervention piece, we complete our student Blends Book.  These student circle map books allow for some targeted and differentiated practice with blends.  I do not use these books for every student.  They are used for students who need some extra work with blends.  After we review the blend of the day, we come up with words for our circle chart and work on identifying the blend, writing the blend and drawing a picture.

Blends Bootcamp:  Activities & Centers

The pictures below are from the Army Theme but keep in mind there are 4 other themes to choose from (Safari, Superhero, Monster, No Theme)

Blends Bootcamp:  Digital Activities

Blends Bootcamp now includes digital activities for Google Slides & Seesaw. However, we have also included the image files so that you can upload them to other platforms.

Digital Activities Include:

  • circle charts
  • student books
  • word writing/typing
  • digital center activity

Blends Bootcamp:  Decodable Readers

These phonics books are differentiated with 2 levels per blend/digraph. For each blend, there is one book with a simple sentence and another book with a more challenging sentence. Each version contains decodable words so students can practice their decoding skills. Each version is available in color and black-line. We have also included a writing page in each book so students can write the words with blends.

Checkout Blends Bootcamp in action!

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For more information on our entire TKS BOOTCAMP CURRICULUM, Visit the TKS BOOTCAMP website!

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