Schedulin Sunday: End Of The School Year

Well, here we are. The final Schedulin’ Sunday of the 2021-2022 school year. What a wild ride this year has been. This has definitely been the hardest year of my teaching career, BUT, we made it. My students made TREMENDOUS growth and we had a blast. I am incredibly proud of my class, myself, and my co-workers for what we accomplished this year.

This year, my goal was to show you that you can use our TKS resources along with required curriculums and continue to have fun, so I hope you saw that using required curriculums doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and pull in lots of fun stuff!!

Lesson Plans

Don’t forget that we have 9 years of lesson plans available for FREE! Click on the image to access our lesson plans!

You can get our EDITABLE lesson plan template by clicking on the image below:

The Last Week Of School

This week we wrap up our year with our favorite cookies, bubbles, and ALOHA!

Monday is cookie day and crazy hair day! Students bring in their favorite cookies! I provide a variety of Oreos and we graph our favorite Oreo!

Tuesday is B for bubbles! We blow bubbles! We also graph if we can blow a bubble when chewing bubble gum!

Wednesday is A for ALOHA! We have a luau and we end the year with a fun snack and some learning activities!

Vanilla pudding, graham crackers, Whoppers and a paper umbrella make a simple and fun beach snack!

We will decorate the room and end the year with a luau! I figure the last full day should be memorable and meaningful! We do some academics and work on CVC-Words, CVC-E words, addition, and subtraction! And did I mention we eat?!

Our end-of-the-year celebration occurs on our last full day as well!

The students receive a personalized certificate that highlights their unique, individual personality and contribution to our classroom!

end of the year awards

Click the image for your FREE and EDITABLE award templates!

Name Writing

This week we also do our name writing chart. We do this on the first day of school and again on the last day of school to show growth! The kids love this and I love sending it to families to show them how far we’ve come!

We also do our end-of-the-year circle charts. These get stored away and I use them during the first few days of the next school year to introduce my new mustaches to our classroom!


Meet The Teacher Night

The students also create my outfit for next year’s meet the teacher outfit! I buy a white blazer from Amazon. Students use fabric markers to decorate the jacket! I wear the blazer during meet the teacher night!

And finally, our school year ends with this read aloud:

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