Fall Activities And Ideas

 Happy Fall Ya’ll!    Here are some fun fall activities to celebrate this cool, crisp, spooky season. Cool unless you’re in the south where we’re still pretty toasty!
PS  It’s hard to do fun leaf activities when the leaves are still green…just saying!

Fall Activities:  Mrs. Wishy Washy

Who doesn’t love Mrs. Wishy Washy?!  We read some Mrs. Wishy Washy books when we did our farm week and we made these adorable Mrs. Wishy Washy paper plate projects!   So.  CUTE.

We painted the plate peach.
Fold a large paper plate in half and draw an arc.  Students cut the line.  The two pieces become her bonnet.  Do the same with a small paper plate.  This becomes the bonnet’s top piece.  We colored those red.  The ‘staches drew a face and BAM!  Mrs. Wishy Washy!
Mrs. Wishy Washy was a PERFECT compliment to our mud poem!

Mud Poem

We made a mud word web.  Then we came up with describing words for mud and then used those words to write a short poem.  We decorated the poem with “muddy” handprints!
Here’s a great farm science lesson from our Farm Research Project!  
Students learn about what it means if something dissolves.  They predict if different materials will dissolve.
fall activities

Fall Activities:  Leaves

Since we don’t have any pretty fall leaves, we painted some beautiful fall leaves.
This project is super easy and fun…and can be…wait for it…MESSY!  Ya know how I love to get messy!
We simply folded a large piece of white construction paper in half vertically (the hot dog as we call it).  The kids chose their paint colors and I squirted the paint in the middle.  The kids closed the paper and started rubbing.  We opened the paper and had a beautiful tree!  We added details to our paintings to create amazing fall masterpieces.
This is one of my favorites of all time!  I took pictures of the kids pretending to blow and then we colored (again…no pretty leaves here yet…GRR) leaves.  We cut them out and pretended to blow them!  HOW.  CUTE.  IS.  THIS.  It’s even better if you can use real leaves…
For this project, students chose the color for their tree.  I helped trace their arms and hands.  They cut out their tree and used fingerprints to add the leaves!


We love scarecrows in the fall!
fall activities
We read the cutest book:  The Little Scarecrow Boy.  In the book he makes six “fierce” faces trying to scare the birds.  After we read the book, we graphed if we like scarecrows.  Then we made these adorable scarecrows.  I love the different versions and faces!  
The scarecrows are a directed project.  I gave the students the paper and directed them on what to do.  They did all of the work (no patterns or lines) and created these amazing pieces of art!
And yes…there is a pirate scarecrow!
You can label a scarecrow to learn vocabulary!
And we made these awesome scarecrow snacks!
We mixed refried beans, sour cream, and salsa together.  Then we spread it over a tortilla.  We used tortilla chips to make the hat and cheese for hay!
The ‘staches ATE IT UP!  DELICIOUS.  And Cute!

Fall Activities: Centers

Of course, you can bring Fall activities into your math and literacy centers!

We used fake leaves and gems from Hobby Lobby. Use a Sharpie to write sight words on the leaves. One the gems, write the letters to spell the sight words. Students blend and read the word, spell the word and write the word.

For this nutty center, we used fake acorns. We used our Sharpie to write letters on the acorns. Students use tongs (fine motor practice) to grab an acorn. They say the letter and sound and color the acorn for the letter on the paper!

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