Winter Activities For Kids

Are you looking for easy and fun ideas for kids when it’s cold and dreary outside? Check out some of our favorite winter art projects and winter snack ideas to help keep kids entertained during the winter!

Winter Art Projects

Melted snowman-cut-up 1-inch squares. Glue the squares to blue paper to make it look like the snowman melted. Add black circles for eyes, an orange triangle for a nose, and two black rectangles for arms.

Snowman-use basic shapes (circles, rectangles, and triangles) to make a snowman. Let kids choose the colors for the hat and scarf. Kids can also choose how many teeth their snowman has!

Yeti-cut out a circle with some hair for the face. Add a blue oval and eyes. The mouth is a half circle with triangle teeth!

Penguin hat-make a half circle from black paper. Add eyes and a beak. Use strips of paper to fit the hat to your head! And then look up the penguin dance by Jack Hartmann on YouTube!

Disco ball-draw a circle on black paper. Have kids TEAR gray paper (no scissors!) using their fingers. Fill in the circle with the small pieces of torn paper. Add glitter!

Draw a penguin-draw a large oval. Draw a small oval inside the large oval. Add eyes and a beak. Add wings, feet and hair and color!

Draw a narwhal-draw an upside-down raindrop. Add fins and a tail. Add a horn, eyes, and a mouth. Color. And look up the narwhal song on YouTube!

Symmetry penguin-this project always fascinates kids and it’s a great way to teach about symmetry. Fold your paper in half lengthwise. Open the paper up. Squirt paint on ONE SIDE of the paper only. Fold the paper closed and rub. Open the paper to reveal your penguin. Discuss how it’s the same on both sides which means it has symmetry. This can be done to make a snowman, a snowflake, a Christmas tree, a butterfly, a heart, a shamrock, etc.

Fingerprint painting! Draw a polar bear (or snowflake, snowman, wreath, etc) and have kids use their fingerprints to fill in the picture!

Winter Snack Ideas

Another great way to keep kids entertained is by making snacks. Let the kids help assemble these easy snacks and enjoy them together!

Penguin snack-ice cream sandwich, Oreos, candy orange slices, orange jelly bean, and candy eyes!

Polar bear snack-vanilla ice cream cup, nilla wafers, and chocolate chips!

Celebrate the new year with a new year snack that looks like the Times Square ball! Cupcake, coffee stirrer, and donut hole! The donut hole slides down the pole to countdown the new year!

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