I love glitter.   I would use glitter on everything if I could.   I am considering some glitter shoes.  Just saying….so my love of glitter means GLITTER BOMBS as part of our Backwards Bootcamp at the end of the year!

Glitter Bombs:  Backwards Bootcamp

Since we don’t believe in counting down how many days of school are left, we celebrate the last 26 days of school with an alphabet countdown.  The goal is to celebrate our year and keep those days fun so our students stay engaged.  For more details on our Backwards Bootcamp, visit this post:

Team Glitter Or Team No Glitter

Now, I know there are two camps here.  Some of you are totally on board with my unnatural excitement for glitter bomb day.   Others just broke out into hives and are popping the Benadryl.   I get it.  And it’s OK if you don’t love the glitter.  I get it.
So….I set about preparing the glitter bombs.
It’s rather easy.  Just pour glitter and sequins into a balloon using a funnel.  Inflate the balloons being careful not to inhale.  BAM!  GLITTER BOMBS!
Here’s a video of me prepping our glitter bombs:

We use yarn to hang the glitter bombs from the ceiling of your classroom.  Make sure they are low enough for students to easily reach them.

Glitter Bombs: Safety First

Obviously, safety comes first.  In order to protect the kids we use lab/science goggles and shower caps.  The goggles protect their eyes and the shower caps keep the glitter from their hair (mostly…).
Googles?  CHECK!
Amazingly stylish shower caps? CHECK!

The Instructions

This part of the process is THE MOST IMPORTANT.  I lay out very explicit, substantial directions.  The reason this is so important?  We are using push pins to pop the balloons and we don’t want any GRIs.  You know… glitter-related injuries.   The students are taught how to hold the pins, and how to pop the balloon, and then they are told TO FREEZE.  As soon as the balloon pops, they freeze.  This gives me the chance to grab all the push pins before insanity happens.
I look at this activity as a fun, memory-making activity but also proof of the power of classroom management and the work that teachers and students put into creating a safe, respectful, well functioning classroom!

Glitter Bombs!!

Now we get to pop the balloons!
Use your pin to pop the balloon.
Have self-control.
After we pop the glitter bombs, and collect pins, the kids are free to go crazy in the glitter.  And go crazy they do.  They swim in the glitter.  Glitter is thrown.  Folks, glitter angels are made.

The Aftermath

Clean Up!

This is one of the biggest concerns we hear about glitter bombs.  “I can’t believe your custodians have to clean that up.”  “Your poor custodians.”  Guess what?  The custodians don’t clean up the mess.  WE DO!   You see, our classroom runs on the belief that if you make the mess, you clean it up!  We would NEVER leave this kind of mess for anyone to clean up!
So, now you know how glitter bombs work.  And how we keep it safe.  And how we clean up!
Here are some videos of glitter bombs in action in the classroom!

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