Schedulin’ Sunday: The Last Week Of School

Well, here we are. Week 36. The final Schedulin’ Sunday post of the school year. The final Schedulin’ Sunday for Room 134. I can’t believe it! Some of this year has flown by and some has seemed to drag on and on and on and on. It’s been an amazing year with an amazing group of kids and I’m sad to see my time with this group end. I’m definitely ready for summer. And I’m excited about my move to a new classroom in a new school where I’m still teaching kindergarten!

There are no weekly lesson plans this week! But don’t worry! You can download YEARS AND YEARS of FREE lesson plans on our website!

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The Last Week

The last week of school is about making memories, having fun, and keeping a somewhat normal routine. I know this sounds crazy but ya’ll, the last week is crazy enough, and throwing all schedules and routines out the window only makes it worse. We keep our centers going. We still do read-alouds and activities. And we throw in lots more fun too.

Let’s start with a new project for this year! I’m really excited about this one! We’re going to read the book A Letter From Your Teacher On The Last Day Of School. Then we’re going to create some charts of our memories of the year. We’re going to do our favorite snack, our favorite science experiment, our favorite memory, and our favorite activities. Then the students will create a scrapbook of their memories! I am so pumped to hear their memories of the year and see them create their scrapbooks!

For this activity, we’re using our newest Read It Up! creation!

We’re also creating our circle charts about our classroom that Mr. Greg uses with next year’s kindergarten. We create these charts about our classroom and Mr. Greg and during the first week of kindergarten I use them to get the new kids excited about our year together!

Grab these FREE labels by clicking HERE!

This week we also wrap up our Backwards Bootcamp with c for cookies, b for bubbles, and a for ALOHA!

Monday is cookie day! We bring our favorite Oreos and do a taste test and we graph our favorite!

Grab your FREE graphing resource by clicking the image below!

Tuesday is B for bubbles! Obviously, we blow all the bubbles. But we also do a fun bubble gum activity. I give the kids a piece of gum and see who can blow bubbles. If you’ve not done this, I highly recommend it! It’s hilarious!

Grab your FREE bubble graphing freebie here:

And finally, Wednesday is A for aloha! We wear beach clothes, we make a fun luau snack and we celebrate with our end-of-the-year video, we get our certificates and we say ALOHA!

We don’t do graduation because you only graduate high school and college. But we do a celebration in our classroom. We watch our video and each student gets two certificates. They get a kindergarten certificate and then each student gets a certificate that recognizes what makes them unique. For example, Dylan will get the dancer award, Luis will get the artist award, etc.

And finally, we take one last group picture and we enjoy our very last read-aloud of Kindergarten. I always end the year with the book I Knew You Could and I tell my kids how proud I am of them and all the things they did this year.

There are a few other things we squeeze in this week!

First, the students decorate my jacket. I buy a white sport coat from Amazon and the students use fabric markers to decorate the jacket. I wear the jacket at Meet The Teacher Night in August!

We also complete our name-writing chart. On the first day of kindergarten, the students write their names on chart paper. We do this again at the end of the school year to show how much progress we’ve made!

For more end of the school year read alouds, check out this video:

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