Pocket Chart Stand: DIY 4 Sided Pocket Chart Stand

Pocket charts are a key part of our classroom.  We use our pocket charts for centers and whole-group lessons.  Years ago I wanted something that allowed more kids to use pocket charts so I made the three-sided pocket chart stand which later became a four-sided pocket chart stand.
pocket chart stand

But then after a year of use, I realized we used the pocket charts A LOT so we added a fourth side to the stand.  Even better.

Here’s what you need to make your own pocket chart stand:

PVC Pipe-3/4″ size  (Lowes sells pipe in 5-foot sections so I bought those and I needed 12 of those sections)
Elbows (8)
T Connectors (14)
Conduit Hangers (14) (These are found in the electrical aisle!)  We bought the 1″ size!
Caps (14)
You will also need some extra nuts and bolts to attach the conduit hangers together!  We bought 1/4″ screws.
I made my chart 4 feet tall.
The top and bottom crossbars are 36″ long.
Connect the top crossbar to the sides with elbows.
Connect the bottom crossbar to the sides with T connectors.
Cut feet that are 6″ long.  Connect these with the remaining T connectors.  I placed the feet on alternating sides to allow for movement of the sections!
Finally, attach the conduit hangers to the 4-foot sides.  You will need to attach 2 conduit hangers together.  Then place them on the sides.
Tighten the screws to keep the conduit hangers from sliding.
On one section, leave the conduit hangers unattached so you can snap the sections together!
Pop the caps on the feet!
Recently I added these furniture sliders to make moving the pocket chart stand easy.  Now it just slides wherever I need it to go!
BAM!  It really was super easy!  It took me about 30 minutes to build!
Total cost:  $50!!!!
pocket chart stand
This pocket chart stand is kid-tested, Mr. Greg approved!
It works SO SO well in the classroom and it’s so versatile and flexible!  It makes great room dividers…or a paint booth..and provides so much space for the kids to work!


Here’s my Periscope video that we made Saturday after I finished!

And of course, we have the perfect resource to go with your pocket charts!

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