Christmas Counting Activities

These two Christmas counting activities are engaging, hands-on, and fun, which makes them perfect for this time of the year!  And if you’re looking for a way to use the mini-erasers from Target, this is perfect!  WHAT?!  No erasers?  No problem!  These Christmas counting activities work with any manipulatives and counters!

Make sure to check out various stores for lots of fun paper plates to make similar counting games!

Santa Counting

First up is Santa Claus counting!

I found these adorable Santa plates at Hobby Lobby.  As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to use them for math.  That red nose just screamed for numbers.  And these plates are deep so we won’t lose our counters!  These were on sale for $3!

christmas counting activitieschristmas math lessons

I wrote numbers 1-20 on red dot stickers and stuck them on Santa’s nose.  Students say the number and place the correct counters onto the plate.  Then, they record their learning on a ten-frame recording sheet.

christmas counting games

Christmas Counting Activities:   Tree Counting

Next up, Christmas tree counting!   I found Christmas tree foam shapes at Michaels, and these Christmas tree erasers are from Target from last year!

Simply write numbers 1-20 on dot stickers and place the stickers on the foam shapes.  If you use yellow stickers, it can be the star on the tree!  Students then use counters to count.  Then they write the number and make the ten frame!  You can use buttons, pom poms, and other manipulatives to put ornaments on the tree as well!

To get the free ten frame recording sheet, visit our freebies page!

You can see how I made these in this LIVE Facebook video!

For more Christmas and holiday resources, check out these creations!

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